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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fasting To Slow Down

A while back a friend responded to one of my posts and said he regularly goes on a "media fast" to help him avoid taking in so much information about celebrities. At the time, his idea struck me as a worthwhile way to escape that particular onslaught.

Being totally out of reach of the 24/7 news cycle during the time I just spent at Mammoth Cave has given his idea much broader appeal. I realized Sunday that I hadn't read a paper or news magazine, looked at an Internet news feed or TV news show, or had one conversation about current events for an entire week - to no ill effect. I've decided I can afford to fast completely one day every week from all news and still remain reasonably well informed. Added bonus: On that one day, avoiding celebrities is 100% guaranteed.  

I'm not yet sure which day of the week I'll abstain and/or whether it's critical I use the same day week to week; small potatoes. Care to join me? In any case, I'll report on how it's going from time to time. I'm feeling healthier already.

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