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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hot Flame/Slow Burn

Watching a sizzling sex scene in a recent HBO movie called "Hemingway & Gellhorn" the other night reminded me that everyone has their favorites. Which are yours?

Film geek that I am, I've got dozens. For many years, two of my favorite scenes both had Ellen Barkin - probably no coincidence. The first was in "The Big Easy" (1987), playing opposite Dennis Quaid. I won't be graphic but suffice it to say, although Quaid was on screen for the scene, he was not part of the action. I knew it was a winner because it singed my wife's eyebrows as well as mine. Phew! Not long after, Barkin was in another scorcher in "Sea of Love" (1989) with Al Pacino. This time the characters did do the Tango, albeit mostly clothed. Yikes!

Now get ready to alert the nerd police. Two of my all time favorite sexual scenes in movies are Robert Redford washing Meryl Streep's hair in "Out Of Africa" (1985) and Daniel Day-Lewis removing Michelle Pfeiffer's glove to kiss her hand in "Age Of Innocence" (1993). I'm no prude; I've got loads of other Barkin-type scenes that remain hot flames in my memory. But those two slow burn moments really got me. You got any of those up your sleeve I might have missed?


  1. It's funny that Dennis Quaid featured in my favourite "Hot Flame" scene with Meg Ryan in Flesh and Bone.
    I definitely prefer the "Slow Burn" though, and you've highlighted two of the best in your post.
    One of my personal favourites is from the little seen Western The Hired Hand(1971) and rather than hijack your comments with a long winded synopsis I'll just reproduce this user review that sums up the scene perfectly.

    "Some of the scenes in the movie are quiet but powerful. One is strangely erotic -- Verna Bloom is sitting in her rocker on the front porch with Warren Oates on the step near her. As she explains to him that it wouldn't really matter who she slept with that night (either he or her husband Harry(Peter Fonda) would be interchangeable), Warren Oates character is visibly moved and caresses her bare foot for a few seconds before the scene fades to black. This is a example of how "less can be more" in an erotic scene -- it was brillantly done."

    1. Paul; Thanks for your comment; I loved "Flesh And Bone" but honestly don't recall the hot flame scene; will have to watch it again. But I'm psyched more to see "The Hired Hand" which I'm unfamiliar with. Appreciate the lead.