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Friday, June 15, 2012

Can This Be Right Too?


It's been almost a year since I asked "Can This Be Right?"  But words like this just keep popping up. In this version, let's go with a theme, shall we?

Fulsome = offensive, sickening, disgusting. Can this be right? It sounds like its exact opposite, i.e. "What a charming, fulsome man."

Pulchritude = physical beauty. Wait a minute! Can this be right? Change this to an adjective ("pulchritudinous") and it should mean what fulsome means, don't you think? I got this idea from my wife - the noun is one of her favorite "Can This Be Right?" words.

Comely = pleasing in appearance, fair. Try picking up someone by saying "Your face is so comely." I dare you. I double dare you. How can this be right? It sounds like...oh, never mind.

Come on, weigh in. I know there are words that make you scratch your head and ask, can this be right?

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