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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Grade (So Far): Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm: Lively, absorbing interest; excited involvement

Based on the definition above, I'm confident my grade so far for this attribute is an "A". How about you?

I'm not claiming to be equally enthusiastic about all things. However, I've noticed that people who are interested tend to be interesting the same as people who are often bored tend to be boring. For this reason alone, I work hard at maintaining a lively, excited interest; I believe I've succeeded. In my experience, the only downside to my enthusiasm can be an occasional over-reaching for attention. But my strength in this attribute has otherwise been very beneficial.   

I have no illusions that anyone, including my family, pays close enough attention to my blog that they will recall the grades I've given myself so far in this series. But, lest anyone who reads this post thinks me immodest, my report card so far is: C (for ambition), C (for bravery), C-/D+ (for charm), and B+ (for determination). So far, I'm on the bell curve. What about you? How do you suppose others would grade you, so far, on the five attributes I've selected? Which of the five has been of the greatest use to you?


  1. Honi Kleinert WassermanJune 27, 2012 at 4:58 PM

    I have never known my dear old friend to have a C-D+for charm. You always got an A+ in charm from me!- as well as all the other attributes... I suppose in recent history I would receive an A for determination and bravery- but, I find as I'm getting older- I'm not so charming. OY! Less patience and always stubborn to the end !

    1. Honi; What a blast (& surprise!) to hear from you after all these years! And thanks for the kind words, though surely you're a too-generous grader, especially re my "charm". Not sure how you stumbled onto my blog (the Internet is amazing) but glad you did. Why not "friend" me on Facebook? Or..I'll try to find you. Pat