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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Because of an initial decision to keep posts brief, I've avoided blogging about current events. I never wanted to add to a glut of superficial news coverage.

But avoiding the just announced Sandusky verdict feels wrong. Writing this moment about anything other than my disgust with this predator and my empathy for the damaged lives of his victims seems cowardly.  Had I not been watching TV moments ago, I would likely have learned of the verdict when I read tomorrow's NY Times. Then as a normal Saturday wore on, my dismay would have had a chance to diminish; perhaps later in the day I'd have chosen to write about something far less significant. But I was watching TV. So, I could only do one of two things: Not blog at all or write about this travesty.

In my years teaching workplace respect, the most important distinction I came to appreciate was that intent is far less important than impact. If your actions damage another person, the fact that you meant no harm is meaningless. I'm incapable of imagining what was inside the twisted mind of Jerry Sandusky over the years he committed his crimes. But as he spends the rest of his life in jail, I hope someday he begins to understand the impact his actions have had. 

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