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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Requesting Assistance

My guess is most long term relationships have at least one bone of contention that has been rehashed many times. What is yours?

After 34 years, my wife and I still don't agree on how loud music should be playing when we have guests. We usually don't argue about this, per se. But we have not reached a meeting of the minds. Now the issue has moved to iteration 2.0 - our daughter is more aligned with her mother than her father. I may need to bring in reinforcements. Perhaps I could get my guitar playing/King Crimson loving brother to be here whenever we have company? Anyone in cyber-space who shares my view that "background music" is an oxymoron care to assist me here?

Find a middle ground, you say? I've tried; really. I've given up my coffin-sized speakers. On Pandora, I've created stations using artists like Norah Jones, who rarely sings above a whisper, and only play my "Guitar Heroes" station when I'm alone. And oh, the hypocrisy I'm forced to endure! If  "Candy's Room" or "You Really Got A Hold On Me" or "Roxanne" comes up on my I-tunes shuffle, who is the one who says "Turn that up!", notwithstanding the delicacy of the conversation? My wife. How much can one man take?         


  1. LOL Pat when my mom was visiting I had on smooth jazz. She asked me Can't we listen to something more upbeat so we switched it to classic rock turned it up & she said that's better. 83 God bless her ~ never underestimate "company". regards

    1. Marcy; Thanks for commenting (and reading!). Methinks I need your Mother to come live with me. Then the score will at least be 2-2.

  2. This could be a very easy problem to solve. If your guests keep saying " what song is that? ". The music is too soft. If they keep saying " what did you say? " the music is too loud. Only exceptions are Rosilita and Thunder Road. Then everyone should just shut up and listen.