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Friday, June 1, 2012

You've Seen This Cartoon, I Promise

A while back someone spoke dismissively about my practice of taking notes on the books I read. I was put off by the remark but figured my pique would pass quickly. I was wrong. Now since I don't think of myself as over-sensitive, what about this offhand remark has made it replay so incessantly in my head?

Earlier today I came across a comment on a post I wrote last year about "...toxic people..." The insightful comment suggested we all need to look at what is toxic in ourselves before thinking of others in that way. Reading that led me to one possible reason that offhand remark has lodged in my craw. As I easily recalled times I'd been dismissive, obnoxious or judgmental about other people's practices or habits, I had a vision of myself as a cartoon character. You can readily visualize this panel: A thought "bubble" above Pat's head. Inside the bubble, a light bulb coming on.

When was the last time an offhand remark made about or to you had a disproportionate impact? How much of yourself do you recognize in the person who made the remark or the way it was delivered? Though the blog comment I referred to in the second paragraph was written sometime ago, today was a good day to stumble on it. I'm grateful to the person who wrote that comment for helping me connect my previous ruminations about toxic people back to myself and the additional link to that lingering offhand remark made to me. I started this blog knowing I'd get help like this and hoping others might derive a similar benefit.

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