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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'll Take A Dozen, Please

Since most people reading this will not live another 88 years to see 01/01/01 (the next time month, day and year will coincide) why not join me on 12/12/12 and share markers from each dozen of your years? For those under 24, your job is brief. Me, not so much.

* In my 12th year (1961), two of my lifelong passions, music & reading, didn't yet have me in a viselike grip. Back then it was baseball, dinosaurs, "The Magnificent Seven". Of those three, only the movie bug held.
* 1973? Rocking n' rolling for the little $$$ I made; lots of peanut butter, potatoes & spaghetti - it wasn't "pasta" until later.
* 1985 was the year I began per diem work for the Commission For the Blind. No idea at the time my career for the next 25 years would be State Government - seven different jobs with three Departments.
* In 1997, I was halfway through my graduate program and sad my Dad left me late that year before his first born got a Masters degree.
* Barring unforeseen circumstances, 2009 will be the last full year I worked full time. Since March 2010 music, reading & writing have been the main course with a side order of movies.

How about you? If the twelve year thing is too much to chew on how about this - What were you doing at 12:12 a.m or 12:12 p.m today? Come on, January 01, 2101 is a long way away. Indulge yourself.

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