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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best of 2012

Unless plans change, it could be difficult to post tomorrow so I'll use this penultimate day of 2012 for a brief retrospective of the year past. I'd welcome hearing your "Best of 2012", using my categories or better yet, your own.

* Best time away: Bike riding in Tuscany. Actually, this might be the all time favorite for this category.

* Best time with friends: An adult sleepover! Early on a Saturday the four of us worked with Habitat For Humanity. Next: Our local coffee shop, then a matinee of "Lincoln". Played some guitar, had dinner, talked into the night. Started all over Sunday morning - breakfast, sharing the Sunday NY Times, more conversation & guitar. What a gift having such an extended interaction with other people.

* Best book club meeting: Discussing "The Tattoo Artist" by Jill Ciment.

* Best concert: Tie - The Dukes of September at NYC's Beacon Theatre and Joe Jackson at the Count Basie Theater.

* Best discovery: The Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver.

* Best family event: My niece's wedding in Alexandria, dancing so long to the great live music my green shirt turned translucent.

Happy new year!

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  1. >>>dancing so long to the great live music my green shirt turned translucent

    Smells like pterodactyl spirit.
    Thanks for sharing.