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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Safe, Even With A Headache

Of the three places many of us spend a lot of hours, which one are you most likely to keep the neatest - your home, your work setting, or your car? Forget about clean for now; which one has the least clutter?

How much does the relative size of each space have to do with how neat it is kept? Assuming your car is smaller than your home, does that make your car easier to keep clutter-free or more prone to being messy? Then there is the locus of responsibility issue, i.e. unless you work at home or own the building where you work, in the end, someone else is more responsible for your work setting than you. So, does that make you feel obligated to keep the setting neat or let you off the hook?

Think now of people you know well. Which of them is equally neat or equally messy in all three places? An ex-colleague of mine has perhaps the neatest home and car I have ever seen. His office? An unmitigated disaster. My scorecard? Neat (remember: I'm not talking about clean) at home and work setting, messy in my car. How about yours?

For any readers who have said the questions in my posts sometimes make their heads hurt: Got a headache myself right now so I'm taking it easy on all of us tonight.  

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  1. Why do I feel this has something to do with the comment that I made to friends about you making them ride in your messy car?