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Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Can Hear Music

One fiery solo after another. Trumpet, then piano followed by someone tearing it up on the saxophone. How dispiriting when the employees couldn't help me identify who was playing. Seems when my local Starbucks was recently renovated, a decision was made to eliminate the screen customers previously could see displaying name of recording and artist. Guess someone decided either - a.) no one is listening; b.) no one is interested; or...c.) everyone has the Shazam app on their phones.

Just a few days later, I receive a terrific e-mail from a participant from one of my college courses telling me she followed up on a suggestion made in class to check out three songs, not widely played. She has fallen under the spell of each unique lyric; my dispiriting experience at Starbucks is relegated to an insignificant footnote from the lifetime of joy that sharing music with others has given me.


"If there were no music, then I would not get through":  Shawn Colvin from "I Don't Know Why" (1992).

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