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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Circa 2045-2046


The post above from May 2012 has remained one of my most viewed since I wrote it. A recent conversation about aging persuaded me that reversing the question posed in that post might yield even better results. So, tell me and others - What would you like to tell your older self? To make this feasible for people in my cohort, I suggest dividing your age in half and adding that number to your current age. Everyone else can do the same; even if you're just a tender 25, surely you have something you'd like to tell your 37-38 year-old self.

I'll start. I'd like to say to 96 year old Pat - do not act your age.  One of the most inspiring photos I've seen in the last ten years is on page 384 of Laura Hillenbrand's 2010 book "Unbroken" - look at it, please. Hillenbrand's subject, WWII vet Louie Zamperini, is pictured on a skateboard; he was 81 years young at the time. Skateboard vs. shuffleboard - gotta love this guy.

In a similar vein, I'd like to tell my 96 year old self never to give up on rock n'roll, keep reading the most contemporary authors, and remain up-to-date on technology. Yes, you read that right. High time to begin carrying a cell phone and ...texting! And now that I've gone public with that particular pledge, I suspect there are a few people who'd like to hold my feet to the fire. Fair enough; bring on the torches and catch up to the guy on the skateboard.

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  1. Good job on the texting, Pat! My advice to my 96-year-old self is to keep a positive attitude about aging - to look for gifts that aging is giving me and focus on them rather than the aches and pains. Referring to Susan Levy's research about aging - those with a positive attitude about aging live 7.5 years longer and have a 44% greater chance of recovering from a disability.