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Monday, April 21, 2014

Climbing Out

Much as I love reading the NY Times, sometimes doing so leads me into a funk - like the one I'm trying to climb out of now. What was the last reading experience you had like this?

There is rarely a shortage of disturbing news stories, although to me, this week seemed worse than usual. My dip may have begun as I read about the hate killings in Kansas City, the cowardly ship captain in Korea, or the murdering mother in Utah. But a feature in the NY Times Magazine about environmental activist Paul Kingsnorth (entitled "It's The End Of The World As We Know It...And He Feels Fine") sealed the deal early on Saturday.

Given my prolonged slide after finishing the piece, it would be sadistic to recommend anyone reads it. The sole reason for this post is to force myself to get off the pity pot. So here it is: My own environmental activism has been limited and erratic. Reading an article about Kingsnorth's decision to relinquish his twenty year battle - primarily because he believes the damage is irrevocable - landed very hard with me.


  1. Mulled this one over as I ran this morning. Here is what I came up with. I don't believe each of us was gifted with the ability to absorb all of the troubles of the world and still feel adequate. (Though I believe this is the gift of some) Yet, social media is so readily available to everyone. I am not ignorant to the happenings and events/tragedies of the world. However, my daily focus of how I can help is nearsighted. Each day I look at the people put in my life and I serve them. I look at my children and I teach them to respect people and their environment. I look at the homeless in my community and I welcome them. This is where I can impact the world. There is enough tragedy and strife right in front of each of us. If we each took our role seriously, the repercussions would be immense. Smile at someone. Pick up the litter at your feet. Walk instead of drive. Name a world tragedy and find it's mirror image in your immediate vicinity and ACT! Sorry! I had to say it! (And if it is your thing...pray about those worldwide tragedies and those involved...sometimes, that is the best we can do!)

    1. Anonymous; Thanks for the thoughtful and pertinent comment. Your suggestion about ACTING is a good one and I love your metaphor about being "nearsighted". You're also aiding me as I continue to climb out - a big thanks for that!