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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I've tried gamely not to allow my energy to be connected to the attention this blog attracts. But it would be dishonest to claim I've transcended that nasty ego of mine. Put simply, when a post gets a response, online or off, I'm more juiced. So, thanks to those who have helped sustain me.    

Under the rubric of spring cleaning, a few other things I've noticed after over three years:
* The longer an idea incubates in my notebook, the more likely it will eventually merge with another.
* Most of the ideas that initially come from a negative or scarcity space end up better if I wait for a more positive spin to emerge. I'm not opposed to being cranky (that's what Mr. Id is for), but when I have occasion to re-read an older post, the ones that make me happiest often evolved from what was first a rant.
* Without insights derived from stimulating conversations, my notebook would be noticeably thinner.

I'm curious to know how your creative impulses, however they express themselves, match up (or not) with what I've observed.

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