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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Return To Oz


Very infrequently, I'll receive an out-of-the-blue response to an old post. When someone contacted me offline recently about the post above from three years ago (!), I decided a return to Oz was in order.

Which of the missing traits of the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion are most lacking in people you routinely encounter? And in your opinion, how well does the trait you find most lacking match up with the most pressing problems of our time? I'm a little embarrassed to say this non-Kansas dilemma has interfered with my sleep for a few days.

That lack of sleep probably played a role in my initial (and condescending) choice of the Scarecrow. But after using my own rested brain, and especially when I considered which missing trait aligns best with what's missing in our times, getting more heart to the Tin Men among us seems a better choice. How about this for a bonus? If the Wizard gave hearts full of compassion to the Tin Men who are our elected officials, most of whom already have brains, I suspect natural selection would render the cowardly lion's flaw obsolete in no time.

*It took immense discipline to avoid loading this post with Oz references and puns. Toto, Dorothy, yellow bricks, rainbow, monkey, witch, munchkin, emerald slippers, Auntie Em, etc. Why not use some of those and send your twisted version to me? Even better - post it as a comment*


  1. What if people had more "courage" to open themselves up to others? What if we cared less about the thoughts of others and were brave enough to be selfless?

    1. Anonymous; What if, indeed. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  2. What if people had more courage to have their own opinions and not be swayed by the momentum of the crowd? Would they have fewer tatoos? Spout fewer "truisms" from Fox News?