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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mr. Id Tees Up: TV, Teapots, Celebrities

After enduring a New Jersey winter that felt like one from Mr. Id's childhood, enjoying a day like today has inspired him to tee up and do some blog spring cleaning, blingeaning in blogger-speak. So, effective immediately...

* Whenever Mr. Id is inclined to blog about his passions (music, literature, film), he will instead write about TV.

* If he has been musing about words that intrigue him, balance that eludes him, or a meaningful conversation that juiced him, before blogging he'll research antique teapots and then write about those.

* All the series invented by Mr. Id's creator will be abandoned, especially those that seem to keep people interested in reading (e.g. Mt. Rushmore.) Mr. Id feels it's high time to make celebrities the focus of this blog, given there is not enough information readily available about them.

Still with the evil twin? April Fool's!! So stay tuned for tomorrow's post - a few paragraphs about Erik Larson's 2011 book "In the Garden of The Beasts" - a powerful exploration of an American family facing the menace of the Third Reich. TV, indeed.

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