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Friday, April 4, 2014

Got Time?

Even with my savvy adult daughter mentoring me, being 64 and feeling a little old-fashioned sometimes go hand-in-hand. And, as long as I continue not carrying a cellphone, if recent experience is any indication, it's high time to replace the battery in my long dead wristwatch.

No exaggeration - I spent about three minutes walking through two buildings on a college campus a few days ago,  including the building with the student cafeteria, unable to locate a single wall clock. Why not ask someone the time, especially given the ubiquity of cellphones, laptops, Kindles etc.? I have no reasonable answer to that other than saying after the first minute or so my search for a clock became a moronic vision quest of sorts. It also reminded me of a similar situation in my local park about a year ago.


My idiotic odyssey ended moments later when I spotted a kiosk with a computer and touched the mouse - 12:01 - twenty nine minutes left to prepare for my class. Preparing for the technological changes sure to unfold in the years to come? Stay tuned re that.

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  1. What time is it in Pago Pago? Does anybody really care?