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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And Another Thing...


In my haste issuing the challenge in last night's post (link above), I forgot other highly pertinent questions:

1.) What is it about organizing a living or work space, no matter how temporary, that gives us all that juice? Sense of accomplishment? Closure? Scratching an item off a long festering "to do" list? Creating feng shui?

2.) How many times in your life have you organized one space by moving all the stuff (or most of the stuff or even some of the stuff) to another space? And, why does even that shuffling feel so damn good?

3.) This last question is for the famous people reading my blog: Now that you have a personal assistant (or several personal assistants Sir Elton), what do you use to replace the satisfaction you used to get organizing your (smaller) living space, your (less glamorous) work space or your (significantly less expensive) car?

Just asking.

1 comment:

  1. For me it is as much about decluttering my space in order to declutter my mind as it is about the perceived control that I feel from organizing my space. However, I get more euphoria out of throwing/giving things away than I do out of moving them from one spot to another. I like to see the space and emptiness.