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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Who You Calling Funny?

On a scale of 1-100, where "1" equals no sense of humor and "100" equals the funniest person you know, how would you score yourself? How close do you suppose your self-score for sense of humor is to how others would score you?

Of the many ways each of us delude ourselves, my guess is our estimate of how funny we are tops the list. I know very few people who don't want to be thought of as funny and even fewer who think they aren't, including yours truly. But if as many of us who thought we were funny were that funny, shouldn't we all be laughing a lot more?

How come a humorometer hasn't been invented? Everyone wears one. Each time we're intentionally trying to make others laugh, we press a button to measure the volume and intensity of the ensuing laughter, not counting our own. I'm still working on how to ensure someone doesn't get credit for unintentional laughs by leaving their humorometer on all the time. Ideas?

Once you help me conquer that glitch and I know it's a fair contest, I'm anxious to compare my humorometer score with a few people who think they're funnier than me.    

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