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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celebrating 1000 Views/Request For Help

Today, I am celebrating. The "stats" feature on this blog site has tallied over 1000 views since my first entry on March 15. This exceeds my expectations; thank you to anyone who has read even one post.

I genuinely appreciate the people who have commented after any post, especially given the hoops the hosting site gives you to jump through. Apologies to those who have been frustrated trying to get a comment to stick; I've communicated with the hosting site about this. Bottom line: You have to keep hitting enter/"post comment" until a password (a series of random letters) appears in a text box at the bottom of your screen. Once you re-type in that unique password and hit enter a final time, your comment will post. Thanks also to all who have given me feedback about the blog format & content. Now, my request.

If you've read enough to form an opinion, please tell me: If this blog were a book, what section of the bookstore would it belong in? I'd welcome your answer to that via e-mail, phone call, smoke signals, etc. For anyone I don't know personally (I know from the stats there are at least a few people in that category since the blog has had views from outside the US!), your input will have to be via making a comment following this post; sorry. From the beginning, I've been aiming for a tone that avoids negativity or whining, excessive advice giving, pseudo-intellectualism, embarassing confessions. I'm also curious to know how well any of you think I've stayed away from those traps.

Last: To those who have signed on as "followers" - thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. It belongs in the same section that the Intellectual Devotional series is in....but I don't know what that section is. I always find them on the featured tables in the center of the aisle.

  2. Well probably in the section where they have the little size books that are for daily reading. You know like the 365 days of intelligent thoughts and topics. One for every day.

  3. Don't kill me but I'd put it in the self help for retirees section

  4. Thanks Kim & Terry. And OUCH, Sue!