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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silencing The Inner Critic

Most of you have heard the adage "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". I've found it to be equally important to silence my inner critic as I'm taking that first step. I've also found silencing the inner critic very difficult to do.

I made a commitment when I started this blog on March 15 to post something every day. On the occasions my inner critic interfered with me doing that, I've asked myself  "What's the worst that could happen?"; that question seemed to help me get past the critic and onto my first step. What do you ask yourself when you're trying to silence the critic? I know there are many resources to assist with this; I'd like to know your strategies.

The reasons many of us have these critics are as unique as we all are. Those reasons are not as important as the tools we each develop to silence them.

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  1. the inner critic is a powerful foe in my life.it's a battle this foe often wins.he blocks that first step many times.i get a lot of creative ideas that i never act on. the inner critic convinces me that it has either been done before or it's been done better. so what's the point? although i do complete a lot of "minor" creative projects, the bigger maybe more important ones tend to die at hands of the inner critic.