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Monday, April 18, 2011

Joy In Surprise

A few years ago, a guitar student gave me a CD by a group called the East Village Opera Company. Although I appreciated the gift, before listening to it, I remember thinking that opera as a musical genre had limited appeal for me; my expectations were low. What joy I got in being surprised. The CD played continually in my car for weeks.

I recently listened to "Nessun Dorma" from that CD. While the music filled me up I thought back to that joy in surprise and wondered how many times other of my expectations might have prevented me from experiencing joy. With the song still soaring, my thoughts jumped to forgiveness; it occurred to me that allowing myself to be surprised by people could assist me in becoming more forgiving. I'm certain doing that will bring me more joy.

I pushed "rewind" and let the song bring me back to the joy in surprise. When have you discovered joy in being surprised?  Where in your life might you look for other ways to be surprised?           

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