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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seeking Fearless Friends

Among the traits I most value in a friend is fearlessness. I seek out this trait in others because, like many of us on the bell curve, I've too often let fear get in my way.

Observing someone being fearless energizes me. I once watched a work colleague teaching a class and saw how unafraid she was to confront adult students who tried to twist her words into something different. I walked away knowing I would have more courage the next time I was faced with a similar situation.

In my experience, people who are routinely fearless are often quiet about this trait. And, they are surprised when you use the word to describe them. I have also noticed that the fine line between being fearless and honest but hurtful is an easy one to cross.

What has been your experience with people you would describe as fearless? And what quality or trait do you seek in friends?

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