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Friday, April 29, 2011

Contagious Intelligence

When someone who lives with us or we work closely with gets sick, we are more prone to getting sick. When we are with other people and they start yawning, we often start yawning. Lately I've been reflecting on the possibilities & benefits of contagious intelligence.

What if we purposefully and consistently surrounded ourselves with the smartest people we could find? How could it not rub off in some way? It is possible this is the reason I sometimes pick books to read that are out of my reach. Once I get past my internal conversations about my lack of complete understanding, I feel better; smarter, even. And the times I'm able to put aside my defensiveness, posturing, and need to be right, I'm grateful if someone I know corrects me making an error of any kind. Infect me with your intelligence, I want to say. Given my ego, I've discovered I learn better in an environment where I don't know anyone so that silly stuff doesn't have as much chance to get in my way. How about you?

What suggestions do you have to help me & others increase the risk of contagion? When/where/how are you most susceptible to it?

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