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Monday, April 25, 2011

Levels Of Communication

Before we first played, a new tennis partner of mine asked me what "level" player I was; I had no answer since I've never had a tennis pro (who have criteria they use to evaluate these things) observe & then "grade" me. A few years ago when I attended a National Guitar Workshop I was asked a similar question about my level of playing. I was able to answer that a little better because the workshop brochure supplied some guidelines for identifying your own level. And I know there is a rigorous and fairly accurate process for determining what level of chess player someone is; this assists players in matching themselves with players at a similar level.

I'm thinking there's a business opportunity here (steal it if you like): Think of the benefits there could be if there were criteria or a brochure with guidelines or a rigorous process that could help each of us learn what our current level of communication was. Then, depending on our personal goals, we could seek out others below, at, or above our own level. And how about a shop where we could each go to get a communications "tune-up" to keep us operating at optimum level? There could even be niche businesses, just like the shops where they work on only domestic or foreign cars. So one shop would be for generalists in communication,  another that just specializes in the use of words, another for listening or writing, etc.

How many levels? How to upgrade to a higher level? Who does the assessing? All good questions - your ideas? 


  1. I think that's an awesome idea!! I'll help!! I think they already have the "tune up" communication cafes in Amsterdam! You can order whatever kind of HASH that you will need depending on the tune up you want for your communication appointment!! Maybe we can see if this falls under the medical umbrella. I mean come on. communication is vital to our existence and if Medical Hash can help one get to a new level of communication WOW! The world will full of Colorful conversations

  2. For me, communication is an art form. As our culture moves more and more to quick, short and abbreviated forms of communication (think texting and e-mails) we errode that art form. If we don't arrest this errosion we will eventually get to an entire generation that struggles with basic communication skills.

    Before the idea in your blog flourishes, we need to examine our own individual communication skills. How can we improve them to the benefit of our entire community??