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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Entertain? Educate? Challenge? Or...?

Over the last year I've spent more time reading than I have in any previous year of my life. The only guideline I've adhered to is to toggle between fiction and non-fiction. Aside from that, I've let each book tell me where the journey will take me next.

I'm interested to know how others who enjoy reading make their choices given we are each allotted a finite amount of time. I have to assume that finite time vs. the massive number of books sometimes overwhelms others, as it does me. So, are your choices books that you think will entertain you based on what you've read or heard about them?

Or, do you gravitate more toward books that have a distinct educational flavor? Or, do you regularly select books that you're reasonably sure will challenge you as a reader, again based on the information you've learned about them? I know these three categories are arbitrary and not mutually exclusive (many entertaining books educate etc.). My interest is in starting a conversation about your choices.

Perhaps your reading choices are largely a function of your mood. Maybe your choices are often about what others recommend to you regardless of entertainment, education, or challenge.When you decide on your next book, jot me a note about what prompted your choice. Or go back to this posting and comment.        

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