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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The "F" Word

No, not that "f" word. I'm talking about flexibility.

At a family gathering today (now there's an "f" word for you - family, but that's enough blog material for a  year, isn't it?), I said I wouldn't describe either my sister or I as flexible. I was quick to say I don't think either one of us is rigid or even necessarily real inflexible (I was probably being kind to myself there.)

When my sister asked me what then I meant by flexible, I took my cue from the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). The MBTI would not use the word flexible to describe a person who likes to be in control more than not (me), i.e. directing others more than not (as opposed to being directed by others - me again). Putting aside the MBTI, what's your take on this particular "f" word? How closely do you find it to be aligned with the concept of control? Where do you put yourself on a flexibility continuum?

The MBTI is something I've studied and used in my work for many years. I like it because even though it doesn't use labelling/judging words like rigid or inflexible it provides other useful distinctions I've found to be helpful in my endless journey to self-awareness. Aside from weighing in on your view of the "f" word, I'd also like to know which of you has had experience with the MBTI and what it has taught you.

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