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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Proposal for Additional Intelligent Design

Variety is the spice of life, I know. And the element of surprise makes life interesting, without a doubt. But I'd like to propose some intelligent design that is sort of a middle ground. How about if life could be just a little more predictable? How about if we knew that the relative complexity of our days would follow a pattern like the New York Times crossword puzzle?

On Mondays, life would be very simple. Then each day of the week would get a little more complicated leading up to Saturday when we know in advance to put on our seatbelts. Sunday? The day of rest - this is intelligent design. Imagine how effectively we could plan. We could inoculate ourselves from some of our stress if we knew the relative difficulty we'd be facing each day. Maybe the six days could be divided up (or even all seven days to accommodate non-believers) so that not everyone's Monday would be the easiest and Saturday the hardest. That might help work to get done more evenly. There could even be a provision where someone could "exchange" their hardest day with someone else if that hard day happened to fall on a birthday or something.

I'm really excited about the possibilities.

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