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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Advice: An Over-Rated Commodity

It's taken me most of my life to reach this conclusion: advice is an over-rated commodity.

On the giving advice side, I've found it a surefire way to get frustrated. Since I'm often invested in the advice I give, when someone ignores it, I wonder if I was unclear or unconvincing or un-something, otherwise why would the recipient ignore me, right?

On the receiving side, I find most advice disappointing. People mean well  (I mean well when I give advice) but advice is often offered without a request - I'm sure I've offered my fair share of this unsolicited variety. But, even solicited advice I receive often falls short.

In the meanwhile, here's some (solicited) advice a friend has given me about this blog: "Give more advice." What to do? Take my friend's advice and offer advice? Seems harmless to do so because using this medium I can't really know if anyone ignores my advice hence, no frustration for me. On the other hand, what's your advice?    

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