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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Quest For Authenticity

My daughter just returned from an intensive yoga training program. When she described the part of her program involving a "Vision Quest", I found myself reflecting on my own lifelong quest for authenticity.

In the Albert Brooks film "Defending Your Life" the characters are able to watch a video of their life after they die. Since first seeing that film, I've many times wondered about my video. For example, how much time would the video show me constructing a persona and then acting out that role vs. the time I spent being authentic? How about your video? In my experience, many people (including me) are heavily invested in ego, which also serves as an impediment to authenticity. My daughter's yoga program, emphasizing many Eastern teachings, stressed this point. 

At some point, I'm confident I'll return to my quest for authenticity in this blog; it's a rich topic to explore. But right now I'd like to know: How many people have you known that you would call authentic? I'm also interested to know what you've learned by being with them or just watching them. What behaviors have you noticed are common to those you would call authentic? And, where are you in your quest?

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  1. When I meet a person I am hoping that there will be something in there natural presence that I find unique and will hold my attention because I am just like anyone else whos looking for some good entertainment from there fellow man. But that authentic moment doesnt always mean the two people are living there lives authenticly. When someone is truly being themselves there will be someone out there that will reconigize it. The best advice I ever got on being yourself was follow your heart and BREATH.

    -just a side note. If someones not entertaining dont worry because you can still be authentic.