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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Zeitgeist of Justin Bieber

In a bald-faced attempt to increase the readership numbers of my blog, I put Justin Bieber's name in the title line above. To anyone who used a keyword search with Bieber's name and who has now stumbled onto this posting, hello. Please peruse previous postings - some are even more alliterative than that last phrase. To any "regular" readers, I apologize; please logoff before you get angry about this shameless act. (At least I did this on a Monday which has been a lighter day for views.)

Now about that zeitgeist thing. Ok, that word is in the title line because I'm really curious if my steadily increasing view numbers from Germany (!) are real or a fluke. So, quiet German readers (if you're out there): Please post a comment and tell me what drew you in. I'd prefer English, but use German if you must. And remember - I know what Weltanschauung means so don't be cute.

That's it. Justin Bieber fans: Most of my postings are this short so keep visiting.

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