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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Ideal Reader

After three months (and yes, I'm still looking to migrate to a new hosting site!), I'm getting my rhythm a little. Some of you have helped. So far, the most consistent positive feedback I've received is about the brevity and variety of the postings; these seem to work for people who have communicated with me. With critical feedback I haven't yet detected any patterns or themes coming from different people, except how bad blogger's comment feature can be. And, I have one fierce critic who has commented on global aspects like tone as well as the content of specific postings. I treasure this person's feedback.

Anyone who puts writing into any public sphere (no matter how many people read it), must have an ideal reader in mind. From the start, my ideal reader has been my wife. Although she never liked the name of this blog, she continues to be who I most rely on to keep me tuned up day-to-day. When I ask questions here, which I do often, they are usually questions I'd like to hear my wife answer. And when I challenge myself to be more, it's not false modesty or any need for affirmation that prompt me to do so. It's because I want her to hold me accountable to be more.

My ideal reader is a window to look through to help me see others reading this blog. As long as she continues to tell me I'm reaching her, I'm confident I'll reach others. And, I will continue to use your feedback.

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