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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can This Be Right?

In my April 27 post called "Daily Poetry", I wrote about the magic of language, especially simple words. This past week I was reflecting on something quite different, words that just don't seem right somehow. See if you agree with my three choices (I've got a lot more) & then tell me some that don't sound right to you.

Guanothe excrement of birds or bats. Can this be right? To me it sounds more like a condiment. "Yes, I'll have my taco with guano".

Prosaic = dull, unimaginative. Can this be right? To me, this word sounds like the exact opposite of what it means. "Wow, that is a stunning and prosaic piece of sculpture".

Natty = neat in dress or appearance. Can this be right? Try complimenting someone by saying "you look very natty tonight" and see if they don't think you're insulting them.

I've always been a word geek. I would really like to know which words have made you ask "Can this be right?"      

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  1. hahahahaha. I love this. I have always thought that about prosaic, and I would probably ditch a boy for calling me "natty."