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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Repelling Toxic People

My March 21 post called "The George Bailey List" asked you to identify people who have significantly enriched your life. Following a recent unpleasant interaction with a particularly toxic person I've known for some time, I thought about the opposite proposition, i.e. who in your life vexes you? More to the point, how do you neutralize people like this?

Since that interaction I've been reflecting on a concept I'd like some help with. You know those invisible fences preventing dogs from lunging at innocent passers-by?  How could that technology be adapted to help repel toxic people? I've been having some sadistic fun imagining a scenario where a nemesis approaches me and my invisible fence zaps them. And the idea of putting a collar of some type on toxic people also has appeal, don't you think? Permission granted to steal this concept as long as I get to try your prototype.

Please don't go all spiritual on me about this. I realize it's within my power to "rise above" toxic people. But sometimes I (a regular, does not walk on water person) have trouble with the whole rise above thing.

1 comment:

  1. Why is this person toxic?? Identifying that might tell you something about yourself that could help you find peace with the situation.

    "This person" should do this.

    What about replacing "This person" with "I"?

    I know you think about this kind of stuff all the time but it's always a good reminder.