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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tyrannized By Technology

No one who knows me would describe me as a real tech savvy guy. I didn't use a cell phone until last year and my daughter constantly makes fun of me because I struggle with I-Tunes, Facebook, etc. However, today I gained a deeper understanding of how insidious communication overload has become.

The power went out for a few hours while I was home alone - no working computer, no telephone, low battery on my cell. My first thoughts: 1.) I'm thrilled to be out of reach. 2.) I have an excuse for not answering any e-mail. 3.) This time is mine. Each of those thoughts helped me to see more clearly how technology has tyrannized me a bit. And I'm a semi-Luddite! Not profound but I don't think I fully understood it before this afternoon. I picked up my acoustic guitar. A few hours later I realized I'd been lost in my playing. Although I play pretty regularly, I don't think I've been that lost in a while. Occurred to me that technology and communication overload may be robbing me of a bit of focus there. Any of this sounding familiar?

Decided I'm going to pretend there are regular power failures and see if I can loosen the grip of technology a bit. Pretty sure my daughter is going to think I've gone off the deep end.

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