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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laughing Until It Hurts

It's been too long since I laughed until it hurt. I've often wished I could find a way to re-create those moments at will. How cool would that be? When was the last time you laughed until it hurt?

I think I have a good sense of humor. (Don't most of us think that?) I may be a little too politically correct sometimes and I'm not as quick to laugh at myself as I'd like to be, but I do love to laugh and to make others laugh. However, those laughing until it hurts moments are too far apart anymore and I'm really not sure why. I refuse to believe it's because I'm losing some of my sense of humor; that's just not funny.

As I started writing this posting, I was able to clearly recall the last time. About two years ago (don't laugh!) my wife and I and two old friends saw "39 Steps" on Broadway. At the end of the 1st act, my sides hurt so bad I remember saying I hoped the 2nd act wouldn't be quite as funny. If I'd known then how long it would be until the next time I laughed until it hurt, I would have welcomed that delicious pain.  

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  1. My jaw is sore from laughing tonight. I went to see Bridesmaids for the second time. Yes $22.00 I have invested in my health. I think laughing like that adds some time to my wellbeing.
    The whole theater was roaring and it was so much fun to be in a room with so many people that where genuinely enjoying themselves. I actually felt connected in the laughter and that is priceless
    Our dogs make us laugh daily and lots of times Pete make my jaw hurt.
    I would advise you not to have a full belly if you go to see Bridesmaids, my stomach hurts from laughing.
    I'm not sure you would like it Pat but your wife would!