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Friday, June 17, 2011

"You've Gotta Hear This" (etc.)

How many times have you made a statement to someone similar to the title of this post or.. had someone say something similar to you? How often have you been disappointed by another person's reaction to something that knocked you out? How often do you suppose your reaction to something that knocked someone else out disappointed them?

Whether it's a song, book, movie, piece of art or architecture, view, etc. I'm often unsatisfied in these kind of circumstances. I'm guessing I'm not alone. When I'm passionate, I'm looking for a similar level of intensity in the other person's reaction to what I'm passionate about. I know the experience I'm having is subjective.  Despite that, I keep trying - "You've gotta hear/read/see this!"  Why haven't I given up yet? Why haven't you?

Perhaps when I'm convinced a song, book, etc. is this special, logic & sense become temporarily irrelevant. I tell myself it's not an opinion. I say it's not just my "taste". This movie or piece of art or photograph is transcendent, period. Irrational? Probably, but I dare you to deny you're not just a little frustrated when this happens to you.

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