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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Waxing & Waning Of Gratitude

Yesterday I found it easy to be grateful for many things in my life. As I sat outdoors enjoying the stunning spring weather, I was able to quickly list in my journal over a dozen things I'm grateful for. I've done this kind of gratitude inventory many times in my life; I know it's a healthy thing to do and I feel terrific when I do it.

Though I'm feeling no less grateful today, I know yesterday's gratitude inventory (or earlier ones I've constructed) will not necessarily prevent me at some point from slipping back and temporarily forgetting how fortunate I am. How often does your sense of gratitude wax & wane?  What patterns have you detected when this happens? What makes this slippage hard for me is the guilt I feel when my sense of gratitude doesn't lift me from whatever is going on at the time. It's a tough cycle: I know I am very fortunate but sometimes that's not enough to lift me and then boom = guilt; I feel worse for being ungrateful.

Any of this sound familiar? Strategies?

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