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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Call Me Inexplicable

When was the last time you had an emotional reaction that was inexplicable to you?

Early today, I was in The Tattered Cover here in Denver, possibly the coolest bookstore I've ever been in. While sitting in the music section in a really comfortable old chair, next to large windows, looking up at the tall ceiling, I noticed there was no background music playing. It was wonderfully quiet.

In my experience, this kind of quiet is unusual in a retail space so I sought out an employee to ask if this was a purposeful business choice. And I had other questions about the terrific store. But in the middle of what seemed like a mundane exchange with two employees, my eyes suddenly filled with tears. I might have been saying something about being a musician but still loving the quiet in the store. Or it may have been when the employee near my age answered a question about how long he worked there by saying he'd left a job he hated 12 years ago to find work where he'd have fun. I don't recall. Before I further embarrassed myself  (and scared  these two guys), I apologized for my water-filled eyes and quickly walked away.

Too much coffee for breakfast? A space filled with books & quiet? My 40 year long midlife crisis rearing its head, again? Like I said - inexplicable. I'm "saving" face: This post will not go to my Facebook network. But reliable or regular readers, please: Share with me (online or off) a similar experience of yours. I'll feel better knowing I'm not alone. Really.   


  1. At the risk of sounding all weirded out in psychobable land, I unexpectedly choke up when recalling thoughts and feelings I had as young boy when having heart-to-heart conversations with my wife. I am amazed at the stregth of the emotions that rise up out of past. Makes me think that the past and present really always co-exist side-by-side or are intertwined in a way that makes strong emotions accessible.

    1. Steve; Thanks for coming to my rescue on this one. Although my blog makes it sound like this is an unusual occurrence, I'm afraid that's not so. But this particular day in Denver was even weirder than my "norm" (which is not all that "norm"). Pat