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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fear Of Buying?

Browsing in a store today and seeing a rack of coats, each costing $1100, it occurred to me - I'm in one clothes store of many in just a medium sized city; there are many more coats like this hanging on racks all over the country.

I have no wish to spend anywhere near that kind of $$ for a coat. However, there must be many people who will buy a coat like this, otherwise why would just this one store have so much inventory? So, how do so many people come to buy something like this? If the people in my income bracket already own a few coats, as I do, how do so many of them come to want an additional $1100 coat? And if someone is not in my income bracket, what does that person decide to do without to buy this coat instead? 

Recognizing the judgmental side of myself in this series of questions about others now brought me to the nub of my reflecting. What is it that makes me not even consider buying things like this? My wife had one theory but I arrived at a different conclusion: I never wanted to work hard enough in my life to get to the point where I could afford things like this. So, now that I can afford it, what stops me? Since most things we don't do are about other things we're afraid of, what am I afraid of in this situation?


  1. here is my opinion. Value proposition, return on investment and status all factor in.

    for me, no coat is warm enough to be as valuable as $1100, and the status of brand doesn't offer that much either.

    apply it to cars. why would you drive a honda if you can addord a Mercedes? ( see above...for me)

    1. Thanks for the honest and logical answer, Chris. I sppreciate you reading and responding.