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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learning From My Wife ( & Bill Buckley)

Foremost among my wife's habits that I admire is how she stays well informed of the politics of people who do not share her views. She does this primarily by watching news shows featuring pundits from across the political spectrum. How do you stay up-to-date about what the "other side" is thinking?

I'm less disciplined about this than I was in the past. I used to routinely watch "Firing Line" with William Buckley; his intellect stimulated me even when his politics did not. And I always learned. I also looked forward to William Safire's regular column in the NY Times magazine. With Buckley & Safire gone, I now rely on the occasional op-ed by George Will, Andrew Sullivan, Tom Wolfe. Or, when I want to laugh and get a divergent view, I turn to PJ O'Rourke. But unlike my wife, who tunes in regularly, my approach these days is hit and miss.

Ideas for other people I should check out? I'd prefer someone working in print. The volume and frequent nastiness on TV are the main reasons I've avoided following my wife's example. Talk radio? Out of the question. If I get no suggestions of people working in print, I may start joining my wife periodically.  


  1. Even though it's still TV, Fareed Zakaria, Sunday's on CCN, is a must see for fully rounded take on U.S. and international topics. Always interesting and informative. You will have something to talk about with Kim, guaranteed.

    1. Based on your recommendation alone Steve, I will start paying more attention to Zakaria, who is a regular columnist for Time magazine. See - I can still avoid TV!