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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Revisionism With No Recriminations

Here's a musical fantasy I've been recently indulging; I want your help - What song do you wish could've been recorded by someone who'd already died by the time the song had been written?

With the easy access the Internet provides about the year great songs were written and the year a favorite performer of yours died, you're just minutes away from rewriting musical history. And it's harmless; no one can accuse you of revisionism, political correctness, bad breath.

Yes, of course I've got a list, need you ask? But today I break with my past model. I'm not giving away my songs and their too-soon-gone performers until I hear yours. I've suspected for a while that my opinionated views have been usurping some incipient creativity. This time I provide none of my (admittedly brilliant) nuggets before hearing yours. I promise I won't even check to make sure you got your dates straight.


  1. Hey Pat... Thought provoking question..!

    I would like to hear Frank Sinatra sing a duet on KD Lang's debuet album, Shadowland. It might be interesting to see if Frank and Owen Bradley, (the producer) could find the right voicing for Frank to sing "Tears Don't Care Who Crys Them" with KD. Todd R.

  2. I had to think about this one for a few monments and although it's totally out of left field, how about Louis Armstrong singing Lennon's parts in a "Day in a Life"? Yes, admit it, you can really hear it!

  3. Todd & Steve; Both intriguing choices. Thanks for commenting.

    p.s. Among my most wanted is Billie Holiday singing Jimmy Webb's "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress"