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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Musing State of Mind

Having been at this blogging thing for a while, I recently realized my process usually involves one of four states of mind: mulling, musing, milling, or moping.

Posts on mulling days often pertain to something I've written in my blog log - a phrase/sentence, observation, part of a conversation, etc. - later expanded into a post, provided I think someone will find it worthwhile. Musing days generate posts similar in tone to mulling except they frequently spring from a spontaneous place vs. something previously written down. Posts involving books, music & film often flow from musing. I'm pleased when anyone reacts to any post but some musing posts are as much about me sorting out something that's inspired me, or making sure to capture my own muse as they are about getting a reaction. In a mulling or musing state of mind, my outcomes tend to be upbeat, or at least neutral, and I usually ask questions.

On my milling days, the tone of posts seems to be more erratic; sometimes self-critical, sometimes caustic. When in a milling state of mind, not surprisingly, my restlessness shows up in the post. Mr. Id is more likely to show up on these days. In that state of mind, questions are a 50-50 proposition. 

Although I've largely avoided posting on days when moping is front and center, I've slipped a couple of times. Detected any posts where Pat was feeling sorry for himself? Please excuse the dope, er... mope.  

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