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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30,1920

On my low tech calendar, even though both of them are gone, I have for many years noted my parents' birthdays. When that calendar notation reminded me today is my Mother's birthday, other blog ideas I'd considered were dismissed. If you are lucky enough to have your parents still with you, I hope you honor them regularly, birthdays and otherwise.

My Mom would have been 92 today. My Father-in-law is around that age and I have at least one friend who cares for a Mother in her early 90's; both are doing quite well. That aside, I have few illusions about old age. If my Mother were still alive, things might not be as good as they are for my Father-in-law or my friend's Mom. But I still want her here.

I would like her to know my wife, who I met about 7 months after Mom died. I would like her to know her 7 grandchildren, and selfishly but especially, my 23 year old daughter. I would like her to have seen me get my Master's degree at 48 years old. I have many other landmarks I would have liked her to witness. Mostly, I would just like to hang out with her. 

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