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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moving Toward Four Saturdays

Which day of the week has shifted for you throughout your life the way Saturday has for me?

From first grade through age 17 I had one Saturday, that great day following Friday when school was done and the whole weekend was mine. Then, starting soon after high school graduation, Saturday was lost to me until I was about 35. During my college years, I worked almost every Saturday, though playing drums did not always feel like work. Still, the day wasn't wholly mine like the first 17 years.

I didn't get Saturday back until my playing music full time and then retail years were over. This is no exaggeration; I recall turning down many invitations for things others looked forward to on Saturdays - barbecues, parties, that irreplaceable night of the week when friends were usually around etc.

I finally got back my one Saturday during the years 1985-2010. But here's the good news. Beginning March 2010, I got promoted - three Saturdays each week! Monday, Thursday and Friday have part time work and volunteer commitments. That leaves both Tuesday & Wednesday feeling like two additional Saturdays most weeks. 

So, any parties during the day on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, count me in. Or, if you want to hang out on a Tuesday or Saturday night, the next day is Sunday either way. Wednesday night is good too but I might have to hang up the rock n' roll shoes a bit earlier, say 2:00 a.m? That is, until I ditch my Thursday commitment and move into four Saturdays each week.   

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