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Saturday, July 4, 2015

#34: The Mt. Rushmore Series


I was pleased a reader reminded me of a pledge made in the February Mt. Rushmore post above about enshrining four city songs. Remember - All four of your nominations must be songs having only a city name as their title. In alphabetical order, mine are...

1.) Baltimore: A Randy Newman gem from his "Little Criminals" LP. Love the Glenn Frey/JD Souther background vocals. Twenty dollars to any reader who can tell me - without using Google - what Frey & Souther called themselves as a pre-Eagles duo.

2.) Kansas City: A simple but effective Rock N' Roll/Blues classic. This one has a special place in my heart and on my mountain. It was among the first songs I ever performed publicly.  

3.) New York, New York: Although this Kander/Ebb composition is most associated with Sinatra, I prefer Liza Minnelli's version from the Martin Scorcese film of the same name.

4.) Philadelphia: Springsteen's "Streets Of..." got more attention but...extra words. And this Neil Young tune from the same film is just as haunting and the song title fits the criteria -  only a city name.    

This monument was tough to erect, given how many great city songs there are. Which four would you enshrine? For the record (ahem), honorable mention on this iteration of Mt. Rushmore has to be the all time greatest song enumerating multiple cities - "Dancing In The Street", with a bass drum simulating a cannon.

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