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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Foresight Vs. Hindsight

Yes? No? Or... it depends?

Those were the three options available to each person in "A Question Of Scruples", a board game released in the early 80's. The game presented moral dilemmas like "You are buying a house from an old lady. She is asking much too little. Do you tell her?" Any player not answering yes or no had to explain why they would equivocate. My wife and I enjoyed "...Scruples" several times with friends and I thought it had been quickly relegated to the garage sale pile because of an unwise decision to try playing it once with my family.  

Recently - after recognizing how often I've ruminated here on perspective, spin, balance - it dawned on me: Equivocating is not a dirty word; it is inescapable. No wonder "...Scruples" did not catch on with me or the buying market. And yet, and here is that perspective again, my recent reflections also helped me recall how impatient I was with one friend from that time who answered almost every dilemma with "it depends". With thirty years of living behind me, what I then called wishy-washy now seems more like...discernment, good judgment, perhaps even wisdom.

I know; hindsight is 20/20. Still, this bell curve 65 year old blogger looks forward to the day his foresight doesn't need corrective lenses.


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