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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Water Is Fine (Really)

Over the four and a half years this blog has existed, directly below is the only post - of almost 1100 published - written by someone aside from yours truly.


Despite my open invitation, no one else has yet stepped up to offer a reflection from this bell curve. A fair number of people have offered topics to me and though I subsequently turned a couple of those ideas into posts, most suggestions have languished in my notebook. The two blocks: 1.) A concern about doing justice to someone else's idea given my commitment to brevity. 2.) Feeling like I've given enough previous attention to the topic even if not from the angle suggested.      

So, time to renew the invite. Like my only guest so far, anonymity is yours, if you wish. The payoff for dipping your toe into my pool is very low but, aside from an occasional odd anonymous comment, so is the risk. If not now, when?  

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