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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

just a little wine, thanks

With the screen format I've been using for a while, in the upper left is a toolbar entitled "popular posts". See it?

Though that toolbar conveniently directs readers to as many as ten older posts - the most popular since the blog's inception or those from either the last thirty or seven days - I have a little whining to do. My most popular posts are not necessarily the ones I'm most proud of.  

I recently reflected on a parallel dilemma in my life as a performing musician. The most well known songs are often more likely to get an audience response, even when my own performance of that popular song doesn't make me happy. Is a similar frustration at work when a recording artist appears reluctant to play their biggest hits at every concert?

If anyone thinks they can assist me in overcoming this barrier in Blogger's interface - letting me direct readers to my best posts instead of my most popular - I promise not to whine again.

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