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Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Virtual Book Club

One clear downside to belonging to multiple book clubs is the backlog of titles I'm accumulating. My trusted reading posse of five keep recommending books to me and unfortunately, the book club selections and their recommendations rarely overlap.

This dilemma is fresh on my mind because I just jammed through Jeffrey Vandermeer's spooky and fresh novel "Annihilation" (2014) in one sitting, close on the heels of lumbering through a groan-worthy book club choice. My recent batting average with book club selections is not making me happy. Further compounding the situation, as compelling as "Annihilation" was, it wasn't even the first choice from my growing backlog.

But ... I often enjoy hearing what people in the book clubs have to say, even when I'm not fond of the selection. What to do? Take a book club hiatus, catch up a bit on my backlog, ask my posse to remain silent for a while and then return to the book club fold? Or, remain hopeful that a reader (or two) of my blog finishes "Annihilation" and lets me know their reaction?

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